Botsonic AI Chatbot Builder: No-Code & Trained For Your Business

Do you want to develop no-code custom chatbots that cater specifically to your website?

Introducing Botsonic, an AI chatbot builder developed by Writesonic that doesn’t require coding skills.

Create custom chatbots with Botsonic by using your own data, powered by GPT-4, just like ChatGPT.

Botsonic AI Chatbot Builder

Meet Botsonic, the innovative AI chatbot builder developed by Writesonic! Botsonic empowers you to effortlessly create customized chatbots without any coding skills. It harnesses the power of GPT-4, cutting-edge AI technology like ChatGPT, and allows you to leverage your own data. By implementing Botsonic on your website, you can revolutionize your customer service and engagement strategies, reducing your efforts by an impressive 80% or more!

Botsonic Pricing Details in 2023

Botsonic offers three affordable pricing plans to start building your own AI chatbot.

  1. Free Trial $0/month
  2. Pro $19/month (Save 33% on annual billing)
  3. Enterprise custom pricing

Experience the next level of AI intelligence with GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K!

These advanced versions bring superior quality to the table, offering enhanced intelligence, a better understanding of inputs, and smarter contextual responses.

Not only that, they have the capacity to handle longer texts as both input and output and boast improved comprehension of non-English languages.

With a Premium word limit of 100,000, you also have the flexibility to utilize 33,334 words from the higher-quality Superior category.

As a student or representative of a non-profit organization, you can enjoy an additional 33% discount on annual plans.

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