Top GPT4 News: Is GPT-4 coming?

The wait is about to get over; GPT-4 will arrive next week, and it’s going to be multimodal.

This new language model GPT-4 will now support both the content types text, videos and images, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, ChatGPT.

With GPT 4, you will be able to generate not only text but also images and videos.

Andreas Braun, Microsoft Germany’s director of technology, said that GPT-4 will offer different opportunities and will be a game-changer for the artificial intelligence industry. The language model will take another step closer to human interpretation, which is a huge leap forward in the AI industry.

Furthermore, GPT-4 is able to manage input and output data in multiple languages, making it a fantastic translation tool.

GPT-4 does not mean stealing anyone’s job. It’s there to support you to improve your productivity.

GPT 4 aims to simplify repetitive tasks differently than before and enhance our work. With GPT 4, we can simplify repetitive tasks that are tedious and enhance our work.

A recommendation from Microsoft is that companies train their employees on how to use artificial intelligence at work.

As a result of the enhanced possibilities brought by artificial intelligence, traditional job descriptions are changing, and new and exciting careers are emerging.

Let’s celebrate the future and see what GPT-4 has to offer.

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Overall using GPT 4, you can enhance your work, simplify repetitive tasks, and boost your productivity.

So, is GPT4 coming?

Andreas Braun, CTO at Microsoft Germany, confirmed that GPT-4 will be available by March 9, 2023, and will be multimodal.

Multimodal AI will be able to work with multiple types of input, such as texts, videos, images, and audio files.

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