10 Best AI Email Writing Tools and Assistants in 2022

Email marketing has 36X to 42X ROI potential in 2022.

For business success in today’s email-driven global market, it is crucial to create and implement a successful campaign.

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Email marketing is one of the main pillars of modern marketing and the most important digital marketing channel.

Emails are perfect for companies to reach out to many potential customers because of their global reach and many customization options.

Writing persuasive email copy is a challenge for many people who want to use email marketing to grow their business.

Not anymore.

Introducing AI copywriting assistants and tools.

AI copywriting assistants are web programs that help writers and business owners write better content by analyzing tons of results using GPT-3 based algorithms.

10 Outstanding AI Email Writing Tools & Assistants in 2022

1. Jasper AI Formerly Jarvis AI

You can take a 5-day free trial which gives 10,000 words of credit to test the tool. Try Jasper.ai for Free

Meet Jasper AI copywriting tool, The Future of Writing Sales Emails.

Jarvis is an online content writing tool powered by Artificial intelligence, which allows you to write content concisely and effortlessly.

AI makes it fast and easy to generate content for your email campaigns, website landing content, blog posts and more!

This software works on GPT-3. You simply feed the brief information such as the name of the company or product, brief description about the product, and context to include in the email copy.

Click Generate AI content button to get the entire email content within seconds.

Image Source: Jasper.ai

The content output is fairly good, but it’s still best to manually review the content and make it better by giving human touch.

Jasper.ai Features for Email Writing:

  • It can write complete emails along with click-worthy subject lines using AI
  • Access to a range of other AI content writing templates
  • Supports over 25 languages

Pricing: Jasper Starter plan starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words of copy & Boss Mode starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words of copy.

Try Jasper.ai for free & Get 10,000 words of credit using my special link.

2. Copy AI

A free plan is available with 10 content credits. Try Copy.ai for Free

Copy AI is an all-in-one copywriting tool just like Jasper AI that offers pre-designed content templates to write content with the help of AI.

The best part is that it offers various types of templates that fit the content needs of every business.

Using their email writing templates, you can create amazing marketing emails for your potential buyers. You can easily create the email content and then use it for campaigns.

For example, see the Email Subject Lines templates in action.

Image Source: Copy.ai

CopyAI Features:

  • 90+ copywriting templates to explore
  • Create catchy email subject lines & body content within seconds

Pricing: The pro plan starts at $35 per month with unlimited credits. A free account is also available with pay as you go option.

Try Copy.ai for Free

3. SmartWriter AI

You can try a 7-day free trial. Try SmartWriter.ai for Free

This is an AI email writing software specially designed for personalized cold emailing. Smartwriter only concentrates on email copywriting that can be used in your email campaigns and outreach.

SmartWriter creates unique sales emails content based on publicly available competitor data from various sources like news articles, social media profiles, online case studies, and more.

The email templates include personalized icebreakers (opening lines), entire cold emails, LinkedIn outreach messages, and automated SEO backlink outreach templates.

Smart Writer Key features:

  • Create custom opening lines, cold emails, LinkedIn messages, and backlink request emails
  • Searches for up-to-date information on your prospects
  • Verifies email addresses before sending to improve email deliverability

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $49/month for 6000 outreach credits. Learn more about Smartwriter.ai pricing on their website.

Try SmartWriter.ai for Free

4. Rytr

A free plan is available with 5000 characters per month for a lifetime. Try Rytr.me for Free

This is an AI copywriting assistant tool that helps you create high-quality email subject lines and content in just a few seconds.

Learn how you can create successful email content using Rytr in four easy steps at Digital Media Story.

Generate email content in just 4 easy steps using Rytr.

Step 1: Choose your language – The first step is to select a language of content output. Pick one from 25+ language types in the dropdown.

Step 2: Select email content tone – The next step is to choose a tone of voice for your email content type. From casual to formal, pick one from 20+ tones in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Choose your use case – Just open the Rytr dashboard and choose Email from the dropdown. Rytr.me support over twenty use cases and content types in over twenty-five languages.

Step 4: Add input – Finally, provide some keywords, phrases, or titles as input and generate the content output.

And voila, you’ll get the AI-generated email content instantly within seconds! That’s it! You can keep generating more content variants as per your needs.

Image Source: Rytr.me

Pricing: $9 per month for 50,000 characters & $29 per month for unlimited characters.

Rytr.me is also available on Appsumo with the best Rytr lifetime deal at a $39 one-time payment. Check Rytr Appsumo Deal

Try Rytr.me for Free

5. Smart Copy by Unbounce (Formerly Known as Snazzy AI)

You can create 5 content generations per day with the free plan. Try Smart Copy for Free

Smart Copy is an AI writing tool from the house of Unbounce to write content fast with the help of AI.

Unbounce is a software company that helps businesses create high converting marketing campaigns.

With the help of Smart Copy, you can generate follow-up emails, sales outreach emails, catchy subject lines, and pitch deck emails to venture capitalists.

SmartCopy Key features:

  • Templates focused on writing just emails
  • Create a user persona to generate content that your target audience love

Pricing: You can try this tool for free, paid plans start at $49/month for unlimited content generations.

Try Smart Copy by Unbounce for Free

6. Closerscopy

Learn more about this amazing content tool on the Closerscopy.com website.

ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool used by companies and entrepreneurs to write long-form and short-form copy in no time without paying for a copywriter.

Businesses are able to write great email content in a short amount of time without hiring a professional copywriter with the help of this tool.

Writing sales letters, follow-up emails, email scripts, social media ads, podcast scripts has never been easy, until now! With ClosersCopy you’ll be able to write all these and convert your audience into paying customers.

ClosersCopy Key Features:

  • Write emails fast with the help of AI
  • Provides over 300 marketing frameworks
  • Wizard to help you write email step by step
  • Supports over 120 languages

Pricing: $29.99 per month with 75 runs per month. They also offer a lifetime deal with a 30% discount.

Check Closerscopy Lifetime Deal & Closerscopy Website for more.

7. Lyne.ai

Lyne is a platform designed to help you create personalized emails. You can use it to generate highly personalized introductions for your cold email campaigns.

You can generate hundreds of opening lines at once by using your prospect’s LinkedIn profile or email address with the help of Lyne AI.

To create your opening lines, you must upload a CSV file of your prospects with either the business email address or the LinkedIn profile.

Lyne will then scan the company domain and LinkedIn profile of each prospect for key information on them. Lyne will then generate an opening line based on this information.

You can decide the output as per your requirement. It can generate short (1–2 sentences) as well as long opening lines (3–4 sentences).

There are also a few useful features for lead generation agencies, such as the ability to organize your opening lines into folders and label them so you know which lines to use for each campaign you’re running.

Lead Generation Agencies can use Lyne to generate leads for any business or organization. You can create different folders for different campaigns. You can label those folders so you know which ones to use for each campaign.

Lyne Key features:

  • It requires prospects data or LinkedIn profile
  • It generates an intro line within seconds
  • Manage opening lines for different prospects with folders & labels

Pricing: Pricing starts at $99/month for 350 opening lines

Try Lyne.ai For Free

8. Lola AI

Lola AI is an email marketing software that helps you write your next sales letter or email campaign. You can use it to create personalized messages and send them out automatically.

All you need to do is share your prospect’s LinkedIn URL into the platform and Lolo AI will deliver you customized content based on their LinkedIn profile content.

Lola Key features:

  • Write nice custom opening lines
  • It works only on a valid LinkedIn profile URL

Pricing: Starts at $25/month for 200 opening lines

Try Lola For Free

9. Magic Sales Bot

You can use this tool to create highly personalized sales messages that bring in your prospects’ social media, LinkedIn data, news, and other information.

Simply add your prospect data, and It will find news stories, Tweets and articles about your prospect and company. It then uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 to write custom briefs for each prospect.

It’s still handy to use Magic Sales Bot to stay on top of recent news and social media updates from companies you’re communicating with, whether or not you use the AI-generated email copy.

Key features:

  • Generate email intros from social media or news stories
  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3
  • Add your company & product details for AI to use in your copy

Pricing: Plan starts at $49/month for unlimited sales email creations

Try Magic Sales Bot for Free

10. Lavender

This is an AI email assistant that suggests how to improve and personalize sales emails in no time.

In its current form, Lavender cannot be considered an AI writer.

The AI assistant is designed to help sales reps increase their efficiency while preventing personalization from being hampered.

Using Lavender, Your sales email is compared to other successful emails to see what works and what doesn’t work. You get feedback on how to make your message more compelling.

You can also customize your outreach by adding social media posts, company info, and details about your prospect based on the person who opened your email.

Lavender Key features:

  • AI email assistant with improvement suggestions
  • Integrates with Clearbit tool so you can quickly gather context on prospects

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $19/month

Try Lavender for Free

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