How to Write a Blog Post Fast in 2022

Learn how to get ridiculously FAST at writing captivating blog posts, Even if you’re not an expert writer.

Writing captivating blog posts is a key skill that has served me well in my career.

When I was in school, I knew I was good at writing. I won awards, I was in the newspaper, and I was even told I was gifted by my teachers.

Nevertheless, I didn’t fully realize the power of writing until I started blogging.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to write blog posts that get shared and talked about. It’s a skill that will help you grow your blog, increase your readership, and improve your search engine optimization. It’s also a lot of fun and will make you feel like a true wordsmith.

I think you will be absolutely amazed by how amazingly simple the entire process is.

The moment you become a part of the AI copywriting tools ecosystem, you’ll instantly get unlimited access to an ever-expanding collection of copywriting templates, frameworks and workflows, including the Ultimate Blog Post workflow.

In this post, I will share 5 ai content writing tools that will help you get incredible fast at writing compelling blog posts with the help of artificial intelligence.

But before that let me tell you some of the great benefits of using these tools.

Benefits of using AI Content writers:

📷 No more writer’s block, document staring, struggling for ideas, write and delete.

📷 Stop procrastinating and get content things done.

📷 You won’t wonder what words to write and how to structure a complex blog post.

📷 This helps you get to the “context” of the article even faster.

📷 No more fear of passing out before you hit that PUBLISH button at the end.

📷 No more wasting time while writing the articles.

Now you know the benefits of using AI copywriting tools. Here is the list of top 5 tools that you can explore for free to get fast mode on for writing content.

1. Jarvis AI: World’s Best AI Copywriting Tool also known as, is one of the best AI copywriting tools that you can use right now for free with a host of amazing copywriting features.

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It is very user-friendly and provides over 60 content templates that range from long-form blog posts to e-commerce product descriptions and social media ads.

There are multiple options for you to pick your desired writing tone.

You can use its built-in writing features to improve the content by expanding your sentences, writing more persuasive copy, or even creating captivating product descriptions.

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2. for Writing Marketing Copy Fast with AI

With Copy AI, you can put an end to writer’s block, since the AI generates content for you based on the content you provide it with.

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A key feature of CopyAI is that it generates content for you after you provide it with a sample excerpt of what you need to discuss in your piece.

The software needs a brief description of what you need, longer and more detailed text inputs with more relevant information regarding the topic will produce better results. can write various content samples for you based on your input, which you can then save, use, and modify as per your requirement.

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3. ClosersCopy: World’s leading copywriting platform

With ClosersCopy, you can write long-form content in a short time and write unique sales copy.

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There are many features, including an expanded content template’s library, a more comprehensive lookup to eliminate repetition, and a tool called Megatron that outlines and writes copy based on trending topics gathered from search engines.

Megatron is a new feature for long-form content that was added to the software just recently. You enter your search query, and it creates writing for each heading you select based on headings and subheadings it suggests.

Learn more about Closerscopy on their website:

You can also read a related post on the Closerscopy lifetime deal.

4. Best SEO Content AI Writer

Research, write and optimize SEO content with Frase AI in minutes instead of hours.

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From keyword to final draft, Frase simplifies the entire SEO content creation process. With, blog post writing is fast and easy.

You can create SEO-optimized briefs in minutes by using the top results for any target search query. In one place, compiles and organizes the internet’s best content, which saves you hours of SERP research.

It takes only 6 seconds to create a full-length, optimized content brief using Frase AI copywriting tool. Analyze the main keywords, headers, and concepts of your SEO competitors’ content in one intuitive interface effortlessly.

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5. Rising AI Copywriting Tool

Outranking is an advanced AI-powered content writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content quickly.

It is a great tool for long-form SEO content that can help you rewrite copy or craft it from scratch.

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Simply entering a topic headline or keyword and letting the software scrape information from the web to generate the article can save up to 33% of writing time.

SEO professionals would find it useful since it has SERP analysis capabilities and inspiration features.

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