Oncrawl is now part of BrightEdge

Big Update: Technical SEO platform Oncrawl has been acquired by BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search and content performance.

oncrawl acquisition by brightedge

On February 23rd, 2022, BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search and content performance, has acquired Oncrawl. Oncrawl is an AI-driven platform that analyzes technical website and content marketing decisions so marketers can make smarter decisions.

BrightEdge has announced that Oncrawl has joined its technology suite as an independent platform. Over 8,500 brands use BrightEdge’s technology to manage content marketing and SEO. They are a global leader in content marketing and SEO.

BrightEdge and Oncrawl have a common DNA and a shared vision for the future for digital technology and marketing. We are delighted to expand industry horizons by acquiring highly specialized search technologies whose creators have the same commitment to innovation and customer success. We were extremely interested in Oncrawl’s vision of the role of data and AI in the future of data-driven marketing.

BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu

Oncrawl joins forces with BrightEdge

BrightEdge and Oncrawl together have developed the most comprehensive enterprise-oriented solution available to Marketers, allowing them to conduct machine learning-led projects and analyze information, as well as utilize business intelligence.

It also provides both sets of customers with additional flexibility. The solution also assists customers in meeting compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, and soon CPRA.

In the future, both companies will continue to grow and function independently, and their clients will benefit from their innovations.

Francois Goube, CEO & Founder of OnCrawl tweeted about this acquisition on Twitter.

Here’s what he said

The number of websites today is over 2 billion, and 250k new ones are created each day all around the web. With many more sites, more data, and the advancement of Web 3.0, there are significant challenges and opportunities ahead for the internet.

A major digital marketing priority in the past was knowing how websites interact with users. Due to the fact that websites now interact autonomously with each other and with companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta, machine-to-machine communication is becoming a major driver of Web 3.0.

By joining forces, Oncrawl and BrightEdge have developed a comprehensive enterprise-oriented solution, allowing their customers to perform machine learning-driven project-based research and analysis, utilize business intelligence, and activate resources. Also, it helps clients manage compliance requirements.

When we created Oncrawl, our mission was to democratize Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced engineering to build the next generation of data and technical SEO solutions.

This acquisition gives marketers ultimate elasticity to get the most out of their data and support the entire digital marketing ecosystem. I am excited to combine forces with BrightEdge to be the first in the market to deliver this to customers.

François Goube, Oncrawl CEO

About BrightEdge

BrightEdge enables marketers to transform online content into business results, such as traffic, conversions, and revenue.

The BrightEdge platform is powered by a deep learning engine. It is the only company with the ability to measure content engagement across all digital channels in real-time.

Microsoft and Adobe are among the global brands that BrightEdge’s thousands of enterprise customers include. The company’s headquarters is in Foster City, California.

About Oncrawl

Oncrawl evolved big data infrastructure in crawl technology and the analysis of organic search data. More than a thousand clients in 66 countries use their solutions to improve their organic traffic, rankings, and revenue.

The client list includes big brands like Vistaprint, Canon, Lastminute.com, Forbes, and other leading companies. Oncrawl won multiple awards in the US, UK, Canadian, Global, European, APAC, and Mena Search Awards in the year 2011.

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