Rank Ranger is now part of Similarweb

Big news: Rank Ranger is now part of the Similarweb family.

SEO & Rank tracking platform Rank Ranger has been acquired by Similarweb, the leading digital intelligence data provider to businesses.

On May 16th, 2022, the enterprise digital intelligence platform, Similarweb announced the acquisition of Rank Ranger, a market leader in search term rank tracking and monitoring.

This acquisition will empower the leading digital intelligence provider to offer a real-time SEO and rank ranking alongside its keyword research and analysis tools for search engines.

Similarweb joins forces with Rank Ranger to Help Search Marketers

Rank Ranger is a rank tracking tool that strives to offer better features and data for search marketers. Recently, it has teamed up with Similarweb to help marketing professionals with search campaigns.

Read what their founder has to say about this deal:

Winning in search marketing is a critical driver of business growth for our customers. By combining our existing industry-leading keyword traffic analysis features and unique data sets with Rank Ranger’s standout rank tracking and SEO tools, we are significantly expanding our SEO product suite for enterprises, which we’re confident will drive a powerful competitive advantage for our customers.

Similarweb’s Chief Executive Officer

We are very excited to be joining forces with Similarweb. It has rapidly become the standard for companies to gauge their web and mobile-web competitiveness. We believe our approach to search ranking and monitoring makes for a really complementary fit with Similarweb’s keyword analysis capabilities and best-in-class traffic data.

Shay Harel, Rank Ranger CEO & Founder

About Similarweb

Similarweb is the most effortless way to discover what’s really happening online with your website.

It is a digital intelligence data provider for enterprise and small to mid-sized business customers.

The digital platform offers web traffic analysis services and provides inside data on its clients’ and competitors’ web traffic and performance.

The platform is backed by the world’s most intelligent and comprehensive view of digital traffic. It can help you with the data and insight that you need to win a marketing game online.

Learn more about Simliarweb at https://www.similarweb.com/

About Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a professional SEO software that provides a comprehensive set of features and tools. The main focus of this SEO tool is organic growth with unique information.

The Rang Ranger’s software has been designed to help marketers plan search campaigns, SEO goals, optimisation, reporting and measure results.

Putting these search marketing related capabilities into the daily workflow of search professionals is enabling them to maintain a high ranking for their products and services and design winning campaigns.

It gives them the agility they need to react when competitors compete for the same keywords, or when search trends change for their niche.

Rank Ranger tools and capabilities include:

  • Rank tracking overtime for important business keywords
  • Search optimization for local markets as well as at the country level
  • Link management and measurement of backlink campaigns on ranking performance
  • Advanced SEO & Digital Marketing reporting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Multiple enterprise platform integrations

Learn more about RankRanger at https://www.rankranger.com/

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