21 Jasper.ai Alternatives & Competitors in 2022 Formerly Jarvis AI

Are you looking for alternatives to Jasper.ai?

Compare the benefits of top Artificial Intelligence Content Writing tools at competitive prices. Choose the best Jarvis AI competitor for your business requirements and empower your team.

Jasper.ai (Jarvis.ai) is one of the best AI writing tools that make copywriting easier with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Every digital marketer and entrepreneur should have this copywriting tool to generate content faster. Learn more about Jasper at Jasper.ai

Copywriting has become an important skill that every online marketer and digital entrepreneur needs to achieve success.

Many of you may already have experience with copywriting or online advertising.

Online marketers have access to a huge number of platforms for promoting and selling their products, but writing original content can take a long time, and sometimes copywriters can suffer from author blocking and drawing a blank.

Copywriters really need the right tools to increase their effectiveness and effectiveness.

Here are the tools like Jasper.ai, Let’s find out more information about them.

Jasper.ai The bot ( also known as Conversion.ai & Jarvis.ai) uses algorithms developed by experienced copywriters and conversion specialists to create content.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jasper.ai The AI robot creates long and short content for more than 54 different copywriting channels, and various formats are also supported. It also offers features that make it easier to work together.

Really, Jasper AI has many features that will help writers. However, it is not cheap and, This will only get more expensive from here because they are already leading the market.

21 Best Jasper.ai Competitors and Jarvis AI Alternatives 2022

Fortunately, there are many alternatives that you should consider in the situation where Jasper.ai is not suitable for your content needs.

1) Scalenut (Free)

  • Offers a free plan with 4,000 words of credit
  • Uses its own technology for content generation
  • Rising copywriting platform
  • 40+ Marketing-ready copywriting templates
  • Chrome extension for writing
  • Trusted by Thousands of Companies

According to Digital Media Story, Scalenut is the best Jasper AI alternative in 2022 that writes long blog posts, ad copies, article introductions, social media captions and more with the help of artificial intelligence.

This is a new tool as compared to Jasper but worth exploring considering the features and copywriting templates it offers. Try their free plan where you get each month 2000 long-form and 2000 short-form words for free. Try Scalenut For Free

2) ClosersCopy (Paid)

  • Uses its own technology for content generation
  • World’s leading copywriting platform
  • 300+ Marketing-ready frameworks and workflows
  • 120+ Supported languages
  • Trusted by Thousands of Companies

3) Frase.io (Paid)

  • 7-day Free trial at $1
  • SEO content workflow produces SEO-friendly content fast
  • #1 Rated AI copywriting software on Capterra
  • Frase academy to learn copywriting
  • Trusted by 400+ copywriting professionals

4) Outranking.io (Free Trial)

  • You can try for free
  • Advanced AI-powered copywriting with proven methods
  • Research, Write and Optimize web SEO content fast
  • The AI is influenced by factual research, SEO data and SERP analysis
  • Trusted by 200+ companies

5) ContentBot (Free Trial)

  • Free plan available
  • SEO content workflow produces SEO-friendly content fast
  • WordPress Plugin and Web app available
  • Generates unique content
  • Trusted by 21,434 founders & marketers

6) Anyword (Free Trial)

  • 7-day Free trial
  • Offers a predictive performance score
  • Custom mode to train the tool to write in your brand voice
  • Plans start just at $19/month
  • Trusted by120+ copywriting professionals

7) Rytr (Free)

  • Free account available
  • Simplified UI for content generation
  • Offers 25+ Content use cases
  • #1 Rated AI copywriting software on G2 Summit
  • Trusted by 2,50,000+ copywriting professionals

8) Copy AI (Free)

  • Free plan available with 100 credits
  • Clever sales copy tools
  • Using GPT-3 based AI algorithms to generate content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Trusted by 2,50,000+ copywriting professionals

9) Smart Copy (Free)

  • Free account available
  • Powered by Unbounce, Leading Landing Page Builder
  • Multifaceted in-built content templates
  • Options to build your own customized templates
  • Frase academy to learn copywriting
  • Value for money tool

10) Copymatic (Free Trial)

  • Free trial with 10 credits
  • GPT-3 powered copywriting algorithms
  • Powerful re-writing feature
  • It supports 15+ languages
  • Plan starts at $29 per month

11) Writesonic (Free Trial)

  • A free account is available
  • It supports multiple languages content generation
  • Content generated by Writesonic is unique, engaging & of good quality
  • Trusted by 1000+ copywriting professionals

12) Simplified (Free)

  • It’s more than a copywriting tool
  • It offers design and ai copywriting tools
  • Integrates with Unsplash, Giphy, Shopify and Zapier
  • Drag & Drop tools
  • Value for money tool

13) Copysmith (Free Trial)

  • Free trial available
  • Best for e-commerce content generation
  • Offers Chrome & Shopify extensions to work fast
  • Powerful re-writing & content enhancing tools
  • Trusted by 100+ marketing professionals

14) Nichesss

  • Writes high-quality content and finds hot niches
  • Best rated AI copywriting software on Producthunt
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • It supports over 100 varieties of languages.
  • Trusted by 1000+ marketing professionals

15) GoCopy

  • Free account available
  • Simple editor for content writing
  • Offers keyboard shortcuts to write content faster
  • No limits on paid plans
  • Plan starts at $19

16) ContentForge

  • 7-day Free trial
  • Generates high-quality and SEO optimized content
  • #1 Rated AI copywriting software on AppSumo
  • Best for eCommerce & Blog Content


  • 5-day Free trial
  • It generates SEO-friendly content fast
  • Grow plan starts at $15 per month
  • Powerful content rephrase and readability improver tools

18) WordHero

  • No Free trial is available
  • Offers 54 AI copywriting tools and more in the pipeline
  • Top Rated AI copywriting software on AppSumo
  • Unlimited plan starts at #29 per month

19) Headlime

  • You can create a free account
  • Generates high-quality and engaging content
  • Offers easy collaboration options with the team
  • AI page builder feature for creating landing pages and marketing copies
  • Value for money product

20) Craftly.ai

  • Start with a free account
  • Generates high-performing Original content
  • It supports 10+ languages
  • In-built grammar and punctuation guide.

21) CopyMonkey.ai

  • #2 Product on ProductHunt
  • Best for Ecommerce Store
  • Generates 1000s of product descriptions at once
  • Compatible with the largest E‑com platforms
  • Trusted by 100s of E-com stores

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