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Welcome to the world of new technology…

It can be difficult to write high-quality articles regularly and even harder when you have several websites that require constant articles publishing.

You need an SEO article generator that can help you generate content ideas and articles automatically, so you don’t have to write everything.

So, if you’re interested in writing an article for your blog with help of the most accurate article generator software, this post might be enough to read.

What is an Article Writing Software?

An article writing software is an online application program that helps users to write better articles with the help of technology. It can be used to speed up the article writing process, organize and structure information, and provide valuable data on draft articles.

Our research team has found a few great article writers powered by A.I. that work like a magic. And, in this blog post, I am going to analyse all of them in detail so that you could pick the best one for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer or if the words don’t come quite as easily for you, nowadays help is available in the form of AI-powered tools able to assist you with virtually every aspect of writing for you, from editing and proofreading your work to suggesting ideas and customizing it based on topic, keywords, etc.

Article Generator Software & Tools

1. – The Best Article Generator Software is the best AI article writer that you can use for article writing with the help of AI.

Highlights of AI-Writer

  • Generate high quality articles in minutes
  • SEO efficient AI-powered engine
  • It generates accurate content for fact-based topics

AI Writer comes in three pricing plans: You can either go with the Basic plan for $29 per month or the Standard plan for $59 per month or the Power plan for $375 per month.

We recommend you try a 7-day free trial of to check the article content quality on your own.


2. – Leading AI Writing Software

Jasper AI is another best ai writing software that is quite popular for various types of article writing with the help of their long-form assistant template.

It has some amazing features with great quality content outputs. It’s quickly become the favourite writing assistant for many article creators and we’re excited to feature this reliable article generator in our list.

You can use Jasper AI to generate article ideas, outlines, AIDA articles, PAS article ideas, review articles etc. can be used to create any type of content, from blog posts to product descriptions, creative stories, social media ads, Quora answers, sales emails, video scripts and more.

Highlights of Jasper AI

  • Generates original SEO-friendly articles
  • Over 50+ copywriting templates
  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Integration with Surfer SEO, Grammarly & Copyscape

Jasper comes in two pricing plans: You can either go with the Starter plan for $29 per month or the Boss Mode plan for $59 per month.

We recommend you try the 5-day special Jasper AI free trial. We are giving away 10,000 free words to try Jasper for free. Click the link below and claim your five days free trial.

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3. – New AI Article Writing Tool is a new AI writing assistant that can help you create high-quality and original content that’s suited to your article needs. The software is powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology for content generation.

This tool saves you 4 hours a day while writing SEO-friendly content. You will get automatic and authentic article generation within minutes of starting the program!

You can use the “Blog Writing Wizard” template for writing high ranking articles with the help of Longshot AI.

The tools offer over 16 helpful copywriting templates that you can use to create catchy headlines, product copy, video description, sales email and more.

Highlights of Longshot AI

  • Generates authentic, fact-checked articles
  • Save time for article research and writing
  • Over 16 copywriting tools

Longshot comes in two pricing plans: You can either go with the Pro plan for $29.90 per month or the Enterprise plan for $89.90 per month. You can go for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions depending on your content needs.

Longshot free plan offers 10 content credits per day. Start your free plan with today.

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4. – Best For SEO Articles is a content tool powered by AI that can generate high-quality articles. With its use, you don’t need to worry about a lot of things like sourcing, generating ideas and organizing content.

The tool offers is a simple SEO Assistant Template that you can use for article writing. It includes SEO intelligence and Long-form AI that helps in writing long-form researched articles with NLP terms.

Highlights of Scalenut Software

  • Generates SEO-focussed articles
  • It offers 40+ copywriting templates
  • Get topic ideas with NLP terms
  • Create long-form articles using the SEO assistant framework

Scalenut comes in four pricing plans: Free, Individual, Growth, and Pro. Each plan has a set number of SEO documents and long-form AI words credit limits that you can use to generate engaging content.

They also offer a free trial, after a free trial, the pricing starts at $12 per month. You can opt for a premium plan depending on your requirements.

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5. – Easy To Use

Rytr is an AI content writing tool that can generate good quality content for your articles. It uses GPT3 technology to predict words and has a deep understanding of language models – all of which makes it better than manual article writing.

The tool can help you with article outlines, ideas, business pitches, and social media captions. It also has other use cases that can be used to create high-quality sales emails, interview questions, landing page copies, company profile bios, creative stories, and many more.

Highlights of Rytr

  • Simple UI & UX for article generation
  • Over 30+ content use cases and templates
  • Beginners friendly pricing
  • API access
  • Integration with Semrush account

Rytr comes in two pricing plans: You can either select the Saver plan for just $9 per month or the Unlimited plan for $29 per month.

Saver plan gives you 50,000 characters credit per month for 9 dollars whereas the Unlimited plan gives you unlimited content generation with twenty-nine dollars per month. You can also find Rytr on Appsumo and their lifetime deal cost you $39 where you get a saver plan 50,000 characters credit per month by paying once. Check Lifetime Deal here.

You can start with their free plan with 5000 characters monthly limit. You can get 5K characters per month with the free plan.

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What are the types of Article Writing?

There are five types of article writing: thesis, review, critical analysis, essay, and narrative.

  1. Thesis Articles: A paper that presents the author’s original ideas with supporting evidence.
  2. Review Articles: A critical examination of a book, movie, product, software, music album, etc.
  3. Critical Analysis Articles: Examining a work of literature, art, or music from various perspectives and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Essay Articles: A written piece that attempts to express one’s personal thoughts on a topic.
  5. Narrative Articles: A story or set of stories about a person or group of people.

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